About Lifted Floral



Lifted Floral was founded with love and the desire to give others the chance to feel the same joy we feel when in the presence of flowers. The name Lifted comes from tapping into the feeling of giving and getting a thoughtfully arranged bouquet of blooms. We feel a little bit higher, a little bit more seen, a little bit more loved. It is our mission to do our part to spread more love and joy in our community. 

Protecting the Planet

Our practices are deeply rooted in sustainability. Here are some of our commitments to Mother Nature:  

Locally Grown Blooms

As the seasons allow, we are dedicated to supporting local flower farms by arranging our bouquets and centerpieces with their lovingly grown seasonal blooms. Sourcing our flowers locally means we are uplifting the local economy, supporting other small businesses, and creating a smaller carbon footprint by not having our flowers flown in from all corners of the Earth. 

Sustainable Business Practices

All of our wrapping and packaging materials are recyclable, biodegradable, and/or compostable! We happily compost all of our flower scraps and cuttings with Green with Indy. You can aid in our effort to take care of the planet by recycling or reusing your flower vessel! If you would like to compost your blooms at the end of their liveliness, please reach out!   

Working with the Seasons

Everything blooms in its own time, and here in Zone 6a, that time is roughly from late March-late October. This is when we at Lifted Floral will be working exclusively with local fresh flowers. From late fall through the winter, we switch to using only dried florals, dried locally and domestically. This results in a small footprint and the freshest, most beautiful flowers for you!  

How to Get Lifted 

As a private studio, we do not operate like a typical flower shop. All of our sales are conducted online for local delivery (with the exception of pop-ups). What we post on our website is what we have available. In the fall and winter, this is limited to dried floral arrangement drops. In the spring and summer, you will be able to place an order for fresh bouquets as part of a seasonal subscription.

From time to time, we create custom pieces for private events, styling, and editorial photography. Please reach out to us at hello@liftedfloral.com to discuss! 

We are happy to deliver arrangements to the following zip codes:

46032, 46033, 46038, 46074, 46077, 46201, 46202, 46204, 46205, 46208, 46214, 46216, 46218, 46220, 46222, 46224, 46226, 46228, 46240, 46250, 46254, 46256, 46260, 46268, 46278, 46280, 46290